Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You are blue..and Im purple with envy!

Just realised today, Im surrounded by a lot of blue and purple blooms in my garden!
Well, I dont mind that at all because I just love them...though I dont know some of their names..

glory, glory, morning glory!

cute blue flowers almost like the Japenese rose but not...

yesterday, today and tomorrow flowers with different shades of purple
and with a bit of sweet scents at night

a type of cekur, a herb I think, with small purple flowers but the tubers are usually used
as traditional medicine and the leaves are used in nasi ulam

the blue flowers of coleus (pokok ati-ati)

not sure of its name..can it be African Daisy?

very light purple petunia

the purple flower of eggplant

delicate, paper thin flower of water hyacinth

dark purple flowers of angelonia

dark purple of petunia

So what about your garden...any particular colour that dominates or are they filled with a good mix of vibrant colours?


rainfield61 said...

What will happen to your plants if the little spirits from my blog start to migrate to your garden?

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

You have many collection of purple flowers. I miss looking at water hyacinth.

Malar said...

You have so many lovely purple flowers! It's so beautiful! I'm speechless!

Autumn Belle said...

Your lovely flower in the 2nd picture looks like Blue Daze and your African Daisy is called Aster. I miss the water hyacinth too, there used to be lots of them in ponds in the kampungs. The ponds even have fighting fish and ikan haruan. Today I am dazzled by all your pretty flowers in purple and lavender.

Stephanie said...

You use kaempferia in ulam? What about the flowers? Love that morning glory you have! It's wonderful to see your garden filled with flowers and blue ones are always delightful.

kitchen flavours said...

Beautiful purple and blue! My daughter's fav colour is purple. As Autumn Belle says, the flower is called Aster. Used to grow them, when they flower, the whole plant will be full of their small, pretty blooms. Missed this plant! The water hyacinth is really pretty!

Bangchik said...

Nice colour to cool off a hot day. The first flower has shades of pink which makes blue more interesting... ~bangchik

Meredehuit ♥ said...

Welcome to Blotanical! I will enjoy reading your posts...

p3chandan said...

Rainfield...one or two already here munching voraciously on my lime leaves!

Malay-Kadazan girl, Malar, Kitchen flavours, Bangchik..yes I love all my blue/purple/lavender colour flowers too. Thank yous!

Autumn Belle..Blue Daze and Aster? Thanks for letting me know their names. Water hyacinth is pretty n delicate but only last for one day..

Steph..cekur (kaempferia) leaves can be eaten as ulam on its own or one of the variety of leaves (herbs) that make up the nasi ulam.Thanks for letting me know its English name.

Meredehuit...thank you for dropping by my small garden and reading my blog..

James Missier said...

so many blue & purple flowers..
so beautiful and exotic..

Sunray said...

Some lovely flowers here.

Goldenray Yorkies