Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sinful Wednesday!!!

Went out for an early lunch with son and daughter-in-law after the rain. What's with rain and your tummy making extra growling sound? Anyway, DIL wanted to eat a lot of things before she gave birth because she would be missing all those yummy food during her maternity confinement!


but this very sweet sinful looking dessert is mine! hahaha..

my son's Cantonese noodles

DIL's order - green noodles with chicken?

....and some other dishes to be shared between 3 of us - fried Enokitake mushrooms

kailan with garlic oyster sauce

grilled chicken

my order - fried rice with Enokitake mushrooms

and last but not least....the banana split!

Its fine for DIL to eat all those...but Im slowly gaining whatever weight I have lost for the past one month!


Malar said...

Yummy food! I like your dessert! So you are going to be grandmother soon? Congratulation!

kitchen flavours said...

Wow, everything looks so sedap! Not to worry, a day of gardening session will take care of all the extra calories! Looks like you will be kept busy very soon, "entertaining" your little grandchild! Keep us posted!

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Huh.... jenuh makan!!

Food so delicious! said...

I want!! I Want!! Hehehehe... the food look yummies!

Autumn Belle said...

I especially like the deserts featured here. You DIL due date reminds me of my time when I wallop on the water melon, king prawns, curries and asam laksa with ikan kembung as these are taboo foods during confinement.

p3chandan said...

Thanks Malar maybe this week, latest by 8th May,she already got the sign today! No wonder she's eating so much..2 months cannot eat those!

Yes Joyce, hopefully will loose them by morning walk and gardening..and looking after my granchild! Urgghhh..I feel so old already lor!

Hahaha..betul tu Bangchik, jenuh nak habiskan! Tapi memang licin, sapu bersih!

Food...they we definitely delicious!

Yes Autumn Belle, I love those desserts too! Hahaha..you really wallopped them all, like there's no tomorrow right?

Rosey said...

That fried rice would really hit the spot right about now. And it's breakfast time for me.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Wah tak lama lagi nak dapat cucu...Tahniah! Nanti saya balas email KakShidah ya. Nanti bawa cucu jalan orang ingat bukan cucu tapi anak....Hehehe...

Lrong said...

Uuwaaah... looks sooo good... but watch the calories... :)

p3chandan said...

Hahaha Rosey, fried rice is one of my favourite..very filling for breakfast, so I can skip the lunch and have early dinner in the evening!

Thanks Diana, insyaallah..maybe esok dia deliver kot.Isshh..dah tua dah...dah qualify jadi opah pun!

Mr Lrong..very difficult to refrain myself sometimes, I love food too much! People loose their appetite when they grow old, but not me..well not yet anyway!

Sujata said...

All that yum looking food has made me hungry!!

p3chandan said...

Rightly so Sujata!

PlantPostings said...

Yum! You're making me hungry, and I'm not even hungry. :)