Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday - Enjoying morning walk with fauna and flora

Before it rains this morning, I had my usual morning walk after a week break. Morning walk is now a luxury since Im babysitting my grandson. The sky was a bit cloudy which made the air on the slopes cool and crisp. The monkeys were out and about looking for food or just sitting around enjoying each other's company.

spotted theses two couples grooming and looking for lice on each other's back..

a mother with its baby clinging for dear life under the belly, running away when I came near

another 2 young ones foraging the area for food left by walkers every evening

the gently sloping greens of a Golf Club nearby

early morning golfers

ferns in abundance on the hill slopes by the roadside binding and holding on to the soil which ultimately will prevent erosion

a small man-made pond on the ground of the club with lots of pink blooms of lotus covering it

On the way back, spotted these geeses near some houses there, nearly got chased away when I went too near to get their photos!

Along the way, couldnt help be fascinated by the trailing Thunbergia Lauriflora on the polycarbonate roof of a porch...they looked so pretty
Thunbergia Lauriflora were also spotted on some trees by the roadside near the slopes, Im not sure whether these were growing wild there or were planted by the Golf Club

a dragonfly on my aloevera plant (lidah buaya)

another red one perching on one of the water plants on my pond

a whitish looking caterpillar on my water spinach (kangkung)

one of the common yellow butterflies seen in my garden having a rest on a periwinkle one on the tomato plant

are these the dreaded red bugs which invaded Bangchik's garden...though not that many near my pumpkin patch but still they did some damage to the leaves

Im linking this to Susan's A Southern Daydreamer for hosting an Outdoor Wednesday. Lets see whats her story today.


Lrong said...

Yeap, the red bugs look very similar to the ones that come to eat the pumpkin leaves...

Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

I wish I had such interesting sights on my daily walks. The odd squirrel or chipmunk does not seem to compare with seeing monkeys.

rainfield61 said...

They are pests, and they are pretty.

Julia@PolkaDotGaloshes said...

Oh wow!! This is why I love my garden blogging friends around the world! I love seeing peeks into what other places offer as their "everyday" Your Monkeys sure look cheeky, I guess just like the mischievous Racoons we get here! Thanks for sharing =)

p3chandan said...

I think so Mr Lrong, they are always at my pumpkin patch though not any wherelse, lucky me!

Jennifer, those monkeys really make their presence felt whenever we walk there, but now some are so daring as to climb people's homes...really becoming a nuisance!

Yes I think they are beautiful too Rainfield, though not of those hairy or mean looking caterpillars!

p3chandan said...

Racoons? Wow! Those are really wild life Julia, havent seen any of them in real life yet...well maybe at the zoo!

HolleyGarden said...

What a fun walk! So much to see!

PlantPostings said...

Love the combination of landscapes and macros! How fun that you have monkeys to watch just outside your door. It's like watching the chipmunks and squirrels here. Fun post!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Oh sekarang baru faham opah sibuk jaga cucu rupanya. Ingat cuti mengembara. Ada kesempatan tengok peti surat?

p3chandan said...

Holley it was really a fun walk and watching the monkeys!

Beth, I think chipmunks and squirrels are only seen in the villages (kampungs) here, where there are lots of coconut and fruit trees. Though monkeys have found their way at the edge of the cities because of the encroachement of their habitats by housing developers.

Tu la Diana, dok sebok mengulit cucu ni, tak sempat nak ke kebun, hanya setakat menyiram je...

Malar said...

I think it's the same bug who ate my pumpkin leaves too!
You had a good walk with beautiful senery!

milka said...

I thought you went Penang again when i see the monkey. Those orange bugs love my cucumbers. My pumpkin went botak and eventually died of the attack.

Casa Mariposa said...

I can't even imagine going for a walk and seeing a monkey!! I do have a lot of crazy squirrels. The thunbergia is really beautiful.

p3chandan said...

Those bugs really are a nuisance Malar, I just hope they dont attack other vegetables other than the pumpkin leaves!

Milka, at the moment cant go jalan2anywhere lor, have to babysit my grandson. I think my pumpkin patch has shrunk because of the bugs!

Casa, the jogging track is around a hill where those monkeys make their home though very much near some residential area too.