Friday, July 30, 2010


Look at this healthy plant, green and in abundance! What fertiliser did I use to make it so "fat " and healthy? Well..actually this odd looking plant used to be my mango tree outside the fence. And that...what was left of it...a rotting stump covered by its killer or destoyer, a parasitic creeper!

not bad looking for something so vile...just you wait,
I got plans for you! started off like this one, now attacking my rambutan tree,
sucking the life of my poor tree slowly leaving
rotting branches

.....then taking over the whole tree, like another of my mango tree at the back
of the house, rotting branches falling off from the tree when it
rains heavily....
and finally leaving a stump like the other one!

Now Im wondering whether this bunch of wild orchids with white flowers,
on another of my rambutan tree is also a parasitic plant,
slowly sapping its life off nutrients and
let it suffer a slow death.......


Johana Mohd Taib said...

Salam perkenalan...
nice blog. Semoga dapat berkongsi pengalaman.

Autumn Belle said...

This good looking luscious green 'robber' wanna ask you, "Your want your tree or me? If you want rambutans and mangoes, please release me, let me go... If you want me, I help you remove the tree!"

Bangchik said...

In the wild, this is one of the natural way to let old trees go and get new ones in. Termites would be one of the agents, other than parasitic creepers. I have seen the wild white orchids growing on durian branches. But orchids are not known to be quick killers...

p3chandan said...

Salam Johana...tima kasih singgah di kebun saya

Autumn Belle n Bangchik...maybe thats nature's way of replacing old plants with new. Parasitic plants are one of the catalyst. I dont think the orchids are one of them, probably one of those species that prefer squatting high up on a tree rather than on the ground

Sunray said...

Man that is a shame to see things like that happen.

Goldenray Yorkies