Friday, February 4, 2011

Blooming Friday - Contrasts

Since my garden blooms have been featured again and again in previous posts, Im without blooming flowers this Friday. Instead I'm showcasing some 'blooming' foliage in my garden which look as good as a blooming flower. One look at these lovely foliage with contrasting colours, your eyes will immediately be drawn to the attractive red ones!
Left to right - Begonia Looking Glass, Red Coleus, Espiscia

The three plants not only have contrasting colours but also contrasting textures on their surface. While the two foliage on the left and right, have smooth and shiny surface, the centre one has rough coarse surface. The contrasting colours and textures of these foliage makes an attractive and lovely combination when they are placed together.
Lets see what else are contrasting in your own garden. Why not take a look at Katarina's Roses and Stuff for more interesting contrasts.


Madame C said...

Lovely contrasts!
Have a great weekend,

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

They do look like flower. Have a nice loong weekend.

Karin / Southern Meadows said...

Great choices! I love texture & contrast in the garden! I do like your begonia!

Thanks for following Southern Meadows. It brought me to your blog which is great!

One said...

Great foliage contrast!

p3chandan said...

Thank you Madam C, you too have a great weekend!

Diana, the red colour really stands out among the 3 plants. You too have a good weekend gardening!

Thank you Karin, nice of you to drop by.

PatioPatch said...

Yours is a terrific trio combination of the complementary and the opposing to make the perfect contrast.

Bangchik said...

Kakdah loves colourful foliage... Have a great weekend and Tahun Baru China. ~bangchik

~Holly~ said...

Beautiful colors!!

Gunilla said...

The red Coleus are fantastic, That kind of plant we have indoors.

Great colourful foliage.

Have a nice weekend

easygardener said...

Foliage can be very interesting as there are so many different leaf shapes and colours. Your Begonia is a beautiful colour.
Have a good weekend.

IreneL said...

Nice contrasts! I love your header!
Have a nice weekend!

Appalachian Feet said...

I miss color like this, thanks for making my February brighter!

rainfield61 said...

I only know it is Friday today looking at your title.

I count my day: first day, second day... of new year these few days.

p3chandan said...

Thank you One, how was your New Year?

Thank you for your compliments Laura, Holly and Gunilla. Happy weekend to you all too!

Thanks Bangchik, same to you..happy weekend gardening!

Thank you Easygardener and Irene. Happy weekend to you too! Thanks for dropping by my small garden.

Thank you Eliza, you are welcome anytime!

Rainfield, how was your New Year celebrations, dont tell me you've started your morning track to Cerok Tokun already?

Katarina said...

You're quite right - the red colour is an eye-cacher!
Wishing you a great weekend!

p3chandan said...

Thank you Katarina, loved your contrasts too. You too have a great weekend!

Sunray said...

Very pretty and the contrasts are lovely.

Goldenray Yorkies