Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blooming Friday - Winter

The theme for this week is to post a single picture to represent winter in my part of the world hosted by Katarina of Roses and Stuff. Since Im in the hot and humid tropic and not going to experience Winter any time soon...Im posting a winter scene I took while on the bus when I went for holidays in Turkey in 2008. Mind you, that was the first time I saw snow and a cold wintery scene, so it was very exciting for me!
It was all white, looking so ghostly and to me it was so pure and serene. Was told by the tour guide that were mostly cherry trees. We were on the highway on the way to Bolu
about 15,000 feet above sea level. This scene and some other winter scenes there will always be remembered for the rest of my life!

That was my own picture. Now another Winter photo that I couldn't get it out of my mind, it being so simple yet depicted a snowy wintery scene in such a beautiful way, is this
photo of a Japanese maple leaf (not oak..sorry Donna), piroutting on a thick snow as if looking at its shadow! This is from Donna's Garden Talk Garden Walk.

Lets have a peek at Katarina's Winter photo here. Enjoy!


Möllebacken said...

Lovely picture with the leaf.
I can understand your experience when you saw it for the first time, It hapend to me to when i lived in spain an saw snow for the first time.
Have a nice weekend.
/ Pella

takaeko said...

Beautiful picture!
Snow is sometimes a threat to vegetables but scenery of landscapes with snow is attracting.
Now I am facing unexpected snow coverage and busy in removing snow out of my garden.

Madame C said...

Lovely, lovely pictures of winter!!!
Take care,

Bangchik said...

Great photo for a glimpse of wintering Turkey... We are having near-winter here while enjoying iced cool roselle juice....

p3chandan said...

Hello Pella, thank you. Yes it was indeed breathtaking when I first saw snowflakes on my face! Unforgettable!

Takaeko, thank you, I guess you have seen enough snow to think it is so troublesome! Happy shovelling the snow!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that this is a Japaneses maple leaf, not oak. I saw it blow out from under the soffit of the house onto the street. It was so red it captured my attention right away. Unlike oak, the leaf got destroyed blowing in the wind. If I did not have to take so many shots of it I would have rescued it because it was so pretty and delicate. I am very honored you selected my photo for your post. Thank you too!

lisa said...

Beautiful picture of the oak leaf. And the picture from Turkey look just like Sweden to me right now ! Have a nice weekend !
Lisa/Lisas trädgård

Alistair said...

Seeing snow for the first time must indeed be very exciting. If it happens to be constant most people do get fed up of it and long for Spring to arrive. Yes it is indeed a Maple leaf.

Appalachian Feet said...

Our winters here are pretty mild but it sounds like you have me beat! I'm glad you were able to experience snow in Turkey. I think you have the right idea about it -- it's much more fun as a rare novelty.

p3chandan said...

Thanks Charlotta. I saw yours and it were amazing too!

Bangchik, do go to Turkey with Kak Dah in spring, for 2nd honeymoon...its worth every cents!. I love everything about Turkey, their rich cultural history, the plants and flowers, the old historical buildings, the beautiful sceneries and of course the yummy food!

Oops sorry Donna about the mixed up of the names, Ive corrected it. Thank you for allowing me to use the lovely photo!

Thank you Lisa, sorry I got the name of the leaf was maple not oak but anyway it was such a captivating photo for me thats why I used it. You too have a nice weekend!

p3chandan said...

Alistair, its also true when you have the sun on your back everyday, you want winter even for one day. It was an incredible experience for me in Turkey!

Eliza, I enjoyed myself in Turkey playing in the snow for the first time, an exhilirating experience that will last a lifetime!

Linda Lunda said...

Thanks for dropping by my blogg!!
Im exating to read that you are from Malasya!
We also have a house in Thailand :O)... and a small garden there.
I can see that you where exating to see the snow.. as I am to see a palmtree!

IreneL said...

The photo with the leaf is so beatiful!
Have a nice weekend!

p3chandan said...

You are welcome Linda. Thailand is also like Malaysia in terms of the climate and the plants even the people look almost the same. For me to see the snow is just like you in the Northern Hemisphere, love to spend your winter or summer in our tropical paradise!

Hi Irene, thanks to Donna I was able to show it here how beautiful it was in the snow!

easygardener said...

It must have been an experience seeing snow for the first time. No matter how many times I see it I still find it magical.
Have a lovely weekend.

Gunilla said...

Fantastic winter pictures.
The last one with the leaf are amazing.

have a nice weekend

p3chandan said...

Hello Easygardener, yes it was a very unforgetable experience for the first time!

Thank you Gunilla, it was my first experiece with snow and the maple leaf was from Donna's lates post, do visit her link to see more pictures. You too have a nice weekend!

Sunray said...

The winter photos are always lovely but it is so nice when spring comes.

Goldenray Yorkies