Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The weather is hot and humid, no relief even when its cloudy in the evening, hoping for rain that never came, well at least these few days....But when it came, it rains cats and dogs, with lightning and thunder! The flowering plants in the garden are a happier lot, showing their blooms to brighten up even a dull uneventful day. These are some of my favourite blooms in my garden.

water hyacinth blooming with its delicate bluish purple clusters
locally known as lembayung or keladi bunting

mini frangipani (kemboja) though not as sweet smelling as her big sister,
the plant is popular nowadays as part of a tropical or Bali theme garden,
it can be propagated using cuttings of mature

I love petunias!
a variety with crinkly edges and a mix colour of red and white patches

deep purple and white variety

a common variety with a profusion of flowers

not sure of the name of this plant that goes well in
a hanging pot

sweet delicate begonia flowers

peacock flower or sepit udang?


Autumn Belle said...

Your garden seem to be in Hari Raya mood already. The blooms are lovely. I don't know about the mystery hanging pot flower but the last picture looks like a Heliconia psittacorum Toluga.

Stephanie said...

P3chandan, love all your pretty blooms!

Your frangipani is delightful. Oh, never mind if they are not so sweet smelling.

Btw, I wonder why the weather is like this nowadays. The lightning and thunders are really frightening!

Keep posting yeah... love your cool blog/garden/plants :-D

James Missier said...

Love all your beautiful plants.

Never managed to keep a petunia plant growing well - they always seemed to die after it matures.
Wow - You Cane Begonia blooms look so gorgeous.

BTW - the one you are not sure of its name:
Flame Violets - do check it out in my blog on my right hand side labels for tips to cultivate it. (so far, I got 3 types)

rainfield61 said...

Blooming, blooming, and it is Hari Raya..

Garden Mum said...

Hi Thanks for visiting me at Little Garden Helpers and I love the Peacock flower. I haven;t come across it before - its beautiful.

p3chandan said...

Autumn Belle, thanks for letting me know the name of that flower, I know its one of Heliconia's varieties. Yes the flowers are blooming well in time for Hari Raya thanks to the blazing hot sun nowadays.

Steph, thanks for the compliments.I love frangipani no matter what, they remind me of Hawaii( flower garlands n swaying hips!) Abt our weather nowadays, not only thunder n lightnings but twisters too which were nver heard of before occuring in Malaysia! Scary isnt it?

Thanks James, for the name of the flower, Im jotting down all those names I learn! I read that you have to 'deadhead' their flowers everyday so that they form new flower buds n you have to 'pinch' them regularly so that they grow new ones.

Yes rainfield61... blooming, blooming, hope they are still blooming when Hari Raya comes!

Helen Lewis said...

I love the peacock flower and kemboja, the flowers of the tropics...they remind me of my childhood home the Philippines.

Did you notice that the water hyacinth flowers tend to bend down into the water after two days of being beautiful? It was just one of my observations.

Malar said...

You have so beautiful flowers!

p3chandan said...

Garden are welcome. Yes I love it too its one of the many varieties of Heliconia.

Helen, I just noticed it too today, a beautiful delicate bloom yesterday, a wilting bending flower today! This is the first time it blooms in my small pond..thank you for dropping by.

Thanks Malar.

One said...

Hi! You seem to have quite a lot of varieties of flowers blooming at the same time. How wonderful!!! I love your frangipani and petunia. I have the red frangipani.

Bangchik said...

Definitely a garden with a delicate touch of lady gardener. Beautiful flowers even with the current hot spell.

kitchen flavours said...

Your garden certainly looks lovely with all the colourful blooms. They are certainly pretty. Yes, the weather is extremely hot, got to water my plants twice a day!

p3chandan said...

Hi One...I love them too! They look great when they bloom esp petunias.

Bangchik, Im sure some part of your garden has the feminine touch of Kak Dah...

Kitchen flavours...thanks, yes got to water them twice a days or else they go limp esp now they are blooming..

Chawanmushi said...

The name of the plant that goes well with a hanging pot is known as An Episcia ... Faded Jade.
I love growing this family of plants. This family of plants has got very pretty leaves and the leaves hang out ... LOL

Sunray said...

Absolutely beautiful blooms.

Goldenray Yorkies