Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A good start

My flower seeds are germinating well!

Im not sure the name of these flower seeds given by one
of the vendors at Floria Putrajaya FOC but the flowers looked
like marigold, the colour at least, but only one layer petals,
more like the flowers of ulam raja

Also happy to see the sunflower seeds given by Bangchik germinating well under my mengkudu tree. Hope to see the proud bright orange flowers in my garden later on. Bangchik gave me 2 different sets of seeds, 1 set the seeds are bigger than the other. So Im not sure whether they are of different types.

sunflower seeds growing well, though they are leaning towards the full sun.
have to move them to a new flower bed soon..

this is the seed of a honey jackfruit (nangka madu)..hoping that it
will grow well and fruitful, my favourite fruit..Im lucky I dont
get 'wind' (angin) after eating them even though I eat
them everyday!

cuttings from variegated Japanese Bamboo (not sure of the correct name though),
part of the flower arrangements from my son's wedding,
and let them stand in a glass jar of water..

happy to see them giving out roots after 3 wks...

daun pandan cuttings after a month...will transfer them
later in a low porcelain pot with pebbles,
as a decor on my coffee table


Stephanie said...

Wow so many seedlings! They will definitely give your garden a refreshing presence. Well done P3chandan ;-D

Bangchik said...

Exciting burst of seedlings. Sunflowers look okey. You may want to transfer them to the ground and space out a foot or so. The different seeds sizes, refer to the size of parent plant. But we cant really guess what size would the seedlings get to. Too many factors effecting their growth.... good luck. ~bangchik

Autumn Belle said...

You do have many babies in your garden now. The variegated Japanese bamboo is Dracaena surculosa, common name Gold Dust Dracaena or Spotted Dracaena.

p3chandan said...

Steph..thanks. Have lots more seeds to germinate given by friends but Im afraid I have less time to take care of them one at a time at the moment.

Bangchik...Im excited to see how my sunflowers will grow n bloom!

Autumn Belle...thank you for letting me know the correct name

J.C. said...

It's exciting to see the seeds germinated into seedlings! You will have many more plants under your care soon. But that's what make gardening fun. A real sense of achievement when all those under your care grow out to be well and blooming! Happy gardening away!

p3chandan said...

JC..of cos Im excited n proud to see the seeds germinated but Im a bit pressed for time sometimes, so in order not to neglect them later, I will take care one batch at a time.Happy gardening to u too!

Malar said...

So many seedling in your garden! Do update us on the sunflower!
Daun pandan can be grown in such a way? Thanks!

Rosey said...

I hope your bamboo grows well. It is supposed to very lucky!

p3chandan said...

Malar..yes Im pretty excited abt the sunflower too.Actually I didnt know daun pandan can be grown that way too, I simply put them in water cos I hate to throw the cuttings when I was weeding n cleaning that part of the garden.

Rosey...Lucky? Well, I dont know abt that but I'll be indeed lucky if it grows well cos I really like that plant

James Missier said...

The golddust version is a little slow to grow compared to the "all green version" which you can find commonly almost everywhere.
They really can take a great measure of abuse from all kind of enviorment.
Glad you started with your seeds - it must be very exciting to see the progress everyday.

p3chandan said...

James..I can see that Golddust are slower in growth than the normal version but they are more attractive as house plants.Yeah I got lot of seeds germinating at the moment n just started on vegetable seeds too!Too bad my camera is not functioning now..:(

Sunray said...

Very interesting photos and fun to watch your starts.

Goldenray Yorkies