Monday, August 9, 2010

False lavender?

I dont know exactly the name of these flowering plants I planted outside my fence. I came across these plants long before they are sold in nurseries. My aunt used to plant them in her garden way back in 1960's. One friend called them "false lavender" because at one glance, they do look a bit like the real lavender (English or French lavender) esp the colour lilac-blue and they give out a kind of fragrance just like the real one. But the real lavender is a woody plant and the false one has soft stems. The real one is a type of fragrant flower or herb while the false local ones, not exactly fragrance, more like the smell of marigold though not as strong!...and you know marigold is known locally as 'bunga tahi ayam' literally translated as 'chicken shit flowers', so you get the idea of their fragrance....hahaha!

English Lavender (real lavender)

local false lavender outside my fence
growing wild and blooming

If you touch these local false lavender, your hands will feel sticky because the whole plant feels that way, sticky and rubbery kind of feeling. Their flowers come in dark blue, lilac blue, dark and light pink and also white. But at one glance they also look like foxgloves.


Stephanie said...

p3chandan, looks like angelonia ;-) I saw a house that grows this plant outside the house by the road side here in PJ. Looks really pretty!

p3chandan said...

Steph..what a sweet name Angelonia is for such pretty flowers. Thanks for letting me know.

Malar said...

These flowers really resemble lavender! Such a pretty flowers! They grow from seeds?

Rosey said...

If they really smell like chicken poop then they must be horribly putrid. That's got to be one of the smelliest manures on earth.

They are pretty though! I love purple flowers!

p3chandan said...

Malar..Im not sure they be grown that way cos I bought the seedlings from Sg Buloh but they grew so fast n bloom that last for 2 mths now!

Rosey..I assure you they dont smell that strong like marigold but their flowers are really sweet n pretty

Autumn Belle said...

It does look like Angelonia. I have written a post about this. Now I have the pink and lavender coloured ones. The leaves has a mild apple fragrance. Eventhough marigold is called 'bunga tahi ayam', I like its scent!

Blur Ting said...

Yes, I just bought one pot from the nursery. I love the colour!! Yours look lovely and lush.

p3chandan said...

Autumn Belle...I've read yr post on Angelonia, thanks for the info, and I've cut mine since to plant them all over the garden! Is that what's the fragrance is, apple? Haha..I thought of only marigold, though I dont mind marigold's smell either, its not that putrid as its name sake!

Blur Ting...If you plant them on the ground soon you'll have a lush n lovely bush too..enjoy!

James Missier said...

You got a varies of Angelonias. I got the pink one and bought a bigger blue variety for my mum on mother's day for her.
She mentioned that the bigger blue one is hard to propagate compared to the pink ones.
So far none of them turned into seedpods.

You can pinch few of them and replant them, they grow well but watch out for alphids & whiteflies.
They need good sunlight to bloom.
Other than that, they are quite hardy.

kitchen flavours said...

The blooms are really pretty and the blue is very attractive! I was looking for some blue flowered plants to add colour to my potted garden. I have to consider this! Can the blooms really last 2 months?? This is great!

p3chandan said...

James...I would love to have that big blue blooms so thats my next target.Yes I have since 'pinch n plant' my Angelonias to give a wider spread of their beauty in my garden.

Kitchen flavours...Angelonias grow very well on the ground but if you want them potted, put them in an oblong container with well-drained soil n plenty of sunshine.Im sure they will be very pretty when they bloom.

I bought the seedlings already blooming more than 2 mths ago and they still do even with the rain almost every evening!

Sunray said...

Interesting plant. I have lots of real Lavender here and love it.

Goldenray Yorkies