Friday, September 17, 2010

After a long break..a nice surprise!

Im back after a long break! Thank you fellow bloggers for wishing me happy holidays and Selamat Hari Raya. Couldn't get enough of ketupat, rendang, kuah kacang and serunding yet even with endless open houses! No...Im not gorging myself...just sampling a bit of everything of all the sumptious food, food, glorious food! Then back to fasting again (6 days of Shawal)....
And...back to old routine...gardening! No Bangchik, didn't leave my plants for the moon and the stars to look after them haha.....the rain, the rain, the rain, such a welcomed relief! A nice surprise too when I saw my grape vines bearing a little bunch of green fruits, a second time after last December! This time, I counted more than 10 grapes in that bunch, compared to two the last time...haha..My fault cos I have been neglecting them last year. So the hot, blazing sun and the rains, with a bit of tender loving care, really do wonders after all!!!!
a nice surprise

grape vines covering the arbor provides good
shade for my potted plants

there! lovely grapes..
Hope to see more clusters of grapes next year!


One said...

How wonderful that you managed to plant grapes in such hot weather. Congrats!

Stephanie said...

This is a good one! You have grapes for the season :-D They make great dessert? I like to observe houses which plants this vine. The leaves are gorgeous. The fruits I can only see them when get closer. So, glad that you posted pictures of the fruits here. Btw, welcome back and glad to hear from you p3chandan!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Its just a week after Syawal month has started and hope not to late to wish Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri to you I think. What a wonderful feeling it must be seeing your grape plant has bear you some fruit especially growing in tropical weather. Your hari raya visitor would certainly get excited looking at it too!

rainfield61 said...

I have the same type of grape in my garden. They turn purple after ripening.

kitchen flavours said...

Welcome back! Wow, it is nice to see your grapes! Are the grapes sweet? ^..^

p3chandan said...

Hi One welcome to my small garden, thanks for dropping by. Actually the vines love the hot sun, with water once a day and of cos pruning them, will encourage them to bear fruits. This is the second time it bears fruits though not a bountiful harvest but still, its worth the efforts!

Thanks Steph, glad to be back among the plants again, though lots of weeding to do! I love the vines when they are twinning n climbing the arbor, and you are looking up under it, to see the fruits peeking out of the leaves, kind of romantic..haha..Hope to have more bunches next year..

Thank you Malay-Kadazan girl, they certainly are a conversation piece for my visitors during Hari Raya!

Yes Rainfield61, the fruits will be green, pink n finally dark purple. You must give me some good tips for more fruits next year ok? Thanks..

Kitchen flavours..thank you. Yes they are sourish when green, and a sweeter once ripe.

waliz said...

i am so jelous! i once have this grape plants but due to my impatience to see it bears fruits, i already throw it away and replaced it
wth another flowering plants.btw congrats!

Autumn Belle said...

Grapes! I didn't know we can grow grape vines in Malaysia. I only have fake grapes as my interior decor. Maybe by next year, you'll have enough grapes to make some wine ;-)

kitchen flavours said...

Hi again, just to let you know that I have invited you for a game. Come over to my blog for the full details. Have fun!

Malar said...

Grape vines in tropical weather? that's cool! Welcome back!

James Missier said...

You manage to have grapes in your garden.
That must be truly lovely.
Hope you enjoy those juicy sweet ones once they ripe.

p3chandan said...

Thanks waliz..gardening teach us a lot of things esp patience n more often its worth all the trouble!

Autumn Belle..grapes have been grown here for quite sometimes already, you can easily get the seedlings from nurseries every where though its a challenge to grow them good enough to let them bear fruits too. Not wine Autumn Belle..maybe raisins..haha

Thanks Malar for dropping by..

Thanks James..hope to have more grapes next year too!

Kitchen flavours...thanks for the invitation, sorry to reply so late, still celebrating Hari Raya!

Sunray said...

Oh the grapevines are wonderful.

Goldenray Yorkies