Thursday, September 30, 2010

Something new..

The rainy is season is definitely here. Lately, we have morning rains,...and evening...which is cool, no need to water the plants! But the heavy downpour do a bit of damage to some of the delicate flowers and plants like my first try at batek bayams (red n green spinachs) and a few of my perinwinkles. They dont stand a chance and started to rot in the rain!
My consolations are the sunflowers are finally blooming and I harvested my first vegetables...eggplants and chillies afer months of waiting!

my very first harvest...went into the pot to make dalcha

hot chili padi....for sambal belachan

my first eggplant seedlings given by a friend who has too many
in her garden

sunflower seedlings...seeds given by Bangchik

the bud showing...but I dont understand why some of
the leaves on my sunflowers are crinkly.....a disease?

getting bigger....


two plants are already blooming!
But my sunflowers are not the tall version like Bangchik's. They are the smaller version...about 1 - 1 1/2 feet tall. I have seen these type in some of the nurseries in Sg Buloh. Or maybe mine are not as healthy as his! 2 of the plants have rotted in the rain and Im left with only 4 but still have those seeds to be planted again soon. Anyway, I still love them and they are looking great in one corner of my garden!

Now Im wondering whether I can just leave my eggplants to flower and fruit again with more fertiliser added to them or should I just remove them and replant?


Malar said...

Rain is really making a lot of trouble now.... The bad side of rain....Anyway That's a good harvest of chili and eggplant!
The sunflower will really add colour to your garden!

Bangchik said...

Glad the sunflower seeds manage to see the light of day in your garden. Space to grow and adequate sunlight is the primary factor for a healthy sunflower... fertilizer too of course.

Autumn Belle said...

The rain has done a lot of damage to my plants too, especially the poor seedlings. The only plants that enjoyed the rain are my rain lilies that bloomed during such a time!

I thought it only happen in my case of the highland sunflowers. When I did my post of miniature sunflowers, blog readers adviced more sun, I am experimenting the second batch with more sun. I guess sunflowers need a lot of solar energy, otherwise they won't be called sunflowers! ;-)

rainfield61 said...

Rains have changed the our lifestyle, included those of the plants.

kitchen flavours said...

Congrats on your fabulous harvest! It tastes really special isn't it, coming from your own garden! When it rains, the snails will come to 'live'! Just caught three an hour ago! My poor nai pak is a little 'botak' now! Sunflower really needs full sun! I love your eggplant. Mine just died on me but managed to harvest only one fruit!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Nice eggplants. I just planted one seedlings in my patch but not the same type as yours. Looking at your eggplants make me one to consider growing one round like yours.

Rosey said...

Nice of your friend to share her extra plants. Your eggplants are probably just as tasty as they are pretty!

p3chandan said...

Thank you guys, I just love the sweet success of harvesting my first meagre vegetables..its worth the waiting, Im sure you all knew what I meant right! Yes I love the eggplants, they tasted better when you grow them yrself..hope to plant the other type, the long one too...

Yes, the rains reek havock on some plants though cant complain too much cos its also agony without rain for too long!

I will definitely try to plant the next round of sunflowers in another part of the garden so that they can the full blast of the solar energy! thanks for all your advices..

One said...

Your poor sunflower. They would rather have the sun than the rain. It has been raining daily except for today. Anyway it's good that you have a pretty good harvest.

p3chandan said...

Thanks One..I hope to have better luck next time around with the sunflowers!

Sunray said...

Some great photos and your edibles look wonderful.

Goldenray Yorkies