Monday, September 27, 2010

A gardening game

Thank you Kitchen Flavours / My Little Potted Garden for inviting me to this great game where you not only can link up and keep an update on garden bloggers all over the world, you can also have lots of garden tips when reading their blogs. Then you have to list down 10 things you love to do. The next step is to invite another 10 bloggers to join in the game. Have fun everybody!

10 things I love to do:-

1. Of course its gardening! Love it since I was in primary school planting my first vegetable by
accident, the cherry tomatoes, must have just threw the seeds into a broken stainless steel
pot and walla! I got endless supplies of cute little tomatoes for curries, masak kicap and
salads! Then my first flowering plant...bunga tahi ayam (marigold) with abundant supply of
their name sake which kept them healthy and lush with big orange flowers! I was so proud
of myself back then..the only kid growing plants on the block..Love to surround myself with
plants and beautiful flowers!

2. My marigold became the next step to my next love...flower arrangement! Entered them for
flower competitions 2 years in a row in my school...and won! I remembered the first time I
gave the arrangement the name "Apollo 13" with 13 big orange marigold in between a
banana leave shoot coming down in a semi-spiral...From then on I got hooked on flowers and
I even worked in a florist at SOGO once just for fun!

3. My love of flowers, plants and their beauty give me the creativity to create art and crafts,
drawings, painting, in mediums like porcelain painting, water colours. dried flowers
arrangements. I just love the arts! especially for occasions like weddings, family parties or
just small personal gifts to family and friends.

4. I love to travel now that my sons have all grown up and independent, give me time to explore

other places in Malaysia and abroad when my purse string permits..the rich culture

and history of places I read before in my geography books! So far I have been to Turkey,
Jeddah, Medinna, Mecca, Phuket, Jakarta, Bandung and all the states in Malaysia. Usually
I will travel with a good friend Noni.

5. Eating! Travelling will give me big appetite and forget about my dieting! I want to sample all
the local food at that particular place I visit. Noni and I especially enjoyed our first trip
abroad together to Turkey becos of their delicious and wonderful local cuisines!

6. Decorating the house was my passion since I was in secondary school, living out in one or
two-rooms police barracks most of the time. Always moving the megre furniture around to
make it look more spacious, decorating it with fresh flowers in labu sayong, scrubbing the
cement floors with powdered clorox to make it whiter than white! haha...Attended
workshops on interior decorating but no formal education.

7. Since I love eating.. I love to cook too but not a very good cook. But good enough to feed my

3 healthy sons, family and close friends especially during family gatherings and celebrations

like Hari Raya. But Im completely, utterly hopeless at baking! My bad experience during
secondary school, when a birthday cake turned out floppy in the middle, put me off baking
since! Still I attended workshops by famous chefs..but never have the guts to try them at

8. I love the movies...Hollywood! Will go and see them at the cinemas if time permits with Noni
or just be a potato couch at home in front of the tv. Love romantic-comedy, costumed/period
movies, animated movies, dramas, adventures but not too much violent and gore in them. And
also local theatres at Istana Budaya.

9. Love to read when Im not watching movies on tv. Old period novels, historical biographies,
Hollywood movie stars magazines (my passion since secondary school), flower arrangements,
interior decorating magazines, detective stories, National Geographic, Readers Digest or any
good novels that I can read without feeling bored after 10 minutes.

10. Surfing the net...reading blogs from all over the world about gardening, social, arts, political

My 10 new invites to the gardening game:-

1. My Rustic Bajan Garden (Helen) - Barbados

2. Mastering Hoticulture (Helen Lewis) - USA

3. Little Garden Helpers (Garden Mum) - USA

4. Dung Hoe Garden (Rosey Pollen) - USA

5. Trees, Plants & More (Arati) - India

6. WalizGarden (Waliz) - Malaysia

7. MyJourney (Rainfield61) - Malaysia

8. Dari Lensa Kelabu (Madisyak) - Malaysia

9. Rosmerahputeh (Johana) - Malaysia

10. Garden Chronicles (James Missier) - Malaysia



Rosey said...

We have a lot in common! But that doesn't surprise me since we both have gardening blogs. :)

Thanks for inviting me to participate in this game. I will get to work!

I enjoyed learning more about you. What an amazing person you are!


waliz said...

oh my gosh..plants loving people do have a lot of commons amazingly. the difference is only i love to travel but so far i can count how many places i been to..maybe whn my kids big enough already i can do that..

thanks for inviting me for this game..hope i find the time to write it in detail like u hahaha.but its really nice to knw ab u..really.

rainfield61 said...

Thanks for the invitation.

Stephanie said...

Wow you worked in a florist before? I wish I could do the same. Flower arrangement is always what I wanted to learn. I have been arranging them in my own way only... not like the pros. Apollo 13 sounds outstanding :-D

Happy gardening!

Autumn Belle said...

This is really fun getting to know more about you. Wow, we do have a lot in common ;-)

kitchen flavours said...

It is nice to know more about you. Lucky you, get to eat your cherry tomatoes, I've got to leave my rambutan tree behind! LOL! Apollo 13 is a very interesting name indeed! Hollywood star magazines, I gave that up ages sometimes I use the web!LOL. Anyway, it is great to read a little more about the person behind the blog. Thank you for joining in the game! Will visit the rest of the "game-party" during my free moment!

p3chandan said...

Thank you everybody, this game is something huh? We gardeners have some common traits right but Im still looking forward to know more about you all too! Happy gardening...

Sunray said...

Nice to read so much about you.

Goldenray Yorkies