Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The whites in my garden

When featuring White Wednesday yesterday, I looked around my garden and noticed that I have a lot of plants with white flowers and most of them are blooming right now! So here presenting lovely Whites!



water orchids



clerodendrum insicum (not blooming now)

portulacas double and single layer

portulacas double layer
orange jasmine close-up
orange jasmine clusters
serrisa feotida or snowflake plant (courtesy of Bernie)
.....thank you for letting me know the name of that plant

even the hydrangea is slowly turning white now

anthuriums...have been flowering non-stop for a whole year!

citrus microcarpa (limau kasturi)
rose jasmine (bunga melur)
spider plant (not blooming now)

even the wild flowers are whites

I love all my white flowers! So how about you guys, what colours dominate your garden at the moment?


Anonymous said...

White is my absolute favorite in the garden, especially as the sun is setting. Plus the insects it attracts are always so interesting. You have some gorgeous white blooms.

One said...

Many of the whites do come with a nice fragrance, don't they?

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

The parade of white blossoms... not easy to photograph ! thanks and good wishes to you !

Malar said...

So many white blooms! I bet most of them have very strong frangrance!
I like your clerodendrum! are they grown from seeds? How is the mulberry going on?

Bernie said...

Just love all your white flowers. What a fabulous selection. My favourite is that stunning Jasmine and Clerodendrum.

The unknown looks a lot like my Serissa foetida ... what we call the Snowflake plant. It's a little shrub with tiny white flowers.

Rani acharyulu said...

Wav,lovely white flowers.Nice pics...

rainfield61 said...

White is a clean colour.

You have show us a "clean" post.

Alistair said...

Wow you do have a lot of whites. We do have some but I know my wife would like more, she is like you she just loves all white flowers.

dona said...

I'd never seen a white Hibiscus before! It's wonderful!

takaeko said...

Your beautiful flowers reminds me of spring upcoming to us!

Karin / Southern Meadows said...

You have so many wonderful white blooms. I do love the white hibiscus. I saw it in another of your posts and am just in love with it!

Anonymous said...

White flowers dominate my garden right now too because all my snowdrops are in bloom. I can't get over that white hibiscus--it's neon white.

Stephanie said...

I notice that white wild flower in my surrounding also. They are cute. Your white portulacas are pretty! And your dainty white flower of serissa is as wonderful. Enjoy your white white blooms!

p3chandan said...

Donna thank you..I guess we share the love of whites in the garden, even the butterflies that are often seen fluttering in the garden are mostly whites!

You are right One, even though I have not a single rose in the garden, at least 4 of those whites have sweet smelling fragrance!

Wong, thank you.Im not an expert photographer, but I tried my best to get good photos. Luckily now with the digital camera, I can easily delete all my mistakes and those fuzzy pictures

Malar, 4 of them have sweet fragrance I think you know which ones, esp both the jasmines. I bought the clerodendrum by mistake thinking it was misai kucing plant, see my post Wrong Plant. The mulberry is doing fine, will try to see you by next week.

PlantPostings said...

So much white, it could be snow! I especially enjoyed the photo of the Citrus microcarpa with the dew clinging to the leaves. Very pretty!

p3chandan said...

Bernie, you are a gem! Thank you for letting me know the name of that cute plant with the tiny white flowers I had months ago! I just love both the attractive leaves and the cute flowers!

Thank you Rani.

Haha...'clean' post eh Rainfield?

Alistair, I dont actually planned to buy all white flower just happened, then I noticed most of them are all whites!

Thank you Dona.

Takaeko, happy that spring is finally there, I bet you have so many things to do in the garden!

Thank you Karin, I love the white hibiscus too but they dont last long, just one day!

Carolyn, I just love the white snowdrops with their drooping blooms, so aptly named!

Thank you Steph, you have wonderful blooms in your garden, just loved them all!

Donna said...

Your white exotic blooms are beautiful...I wish I could grow many of these in my white garden...alas no but I can enjoy them here...I can also just smell that jasmine!!

p3chandan said...

Donna thank you.Come as often as you want to see my whites! :) The orange jasmine is not only lovely but gives out such sweet fragrance, I can smell them the whole day while pottering in my garden!

J.C. said...

Wow, you certainly have a lot of beautiful white blooms in your garden!