Thursday, December 2, 2010

Seeds Galore!

Yesterday was a very tiring day. Noni (my best friend) and I went to MAHA 2010 - Malaysia Agriculture, Hoticulture and Agrotourism Exhibition 2010 held at UPM Serdang from 26th November to 5th December. The exhibition was hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrobased Industries and organised by the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA). It is the biggest event of the year for the industry, held biennially to showcase and flaunt Malaysia's best producers, farmers, fishermen and stockman. It was extra crowded, now being school holidays. Buses load of people came from all over Malaysia and to talk about the jam in UPM...well you can guess it! I parked my car at the designated parking and took their feeder bus to the site. All I can say that it was more or less the same as 2 years ago. Except the crowd was much bigger this time!

I was more interested looking at their vegetables like tomatoes, chillies and greens.


they have tomatoes like these, praying that mine will also
turn up like them....

Anyway, after vowing not to come again next 2 years, we went home with very tired feet! But I had a wonderful surprise when I got home...I received packets of seeds from Diana (Malay-Kadazan Girl)! Thank you so much Diana...hope you have happy holidays with your family too!

......and last but not least, I also bought lots of packets of seeds at MAHA 2010

My happy thoughts of MAHA was we had a lot of food tasting along the booths
that both of us didnt have to take lunch!! :-)
Happy Gardening everybody!


rainfield61 said...

I almost went into UPM during last Deepavali holiday.

In fact, my family was heading to UKM instead, to visit my son.

One said...

Those tomato really look very good. So, did they teach on how to make them look that way? Is it the seeds, the soil, the fertilizer etc? I bought many of those Serbajadi seeds from Tesco before. It's really sweet of Diana. She is being very generous and took the effort to pack those seeds prettily.

Bangchik said...

we never had enough with MAHA... time and money. We bought our first ever liquid fertiliser there 3 years ago. A gallon... and a big spray bottle. This year, MAHA will definitely miss our attendance. Seeing those lovely tomato, anyone would rush home looking for space to grow.

p3chandan said...

Rainfield, people not familiar with KL roads and their famous jams will get lost sometimes.I got lost once in the parking lot of Mid Valley Mall...looking for my car!:)

One, of course, the main purpose of MAHA is to showcase the latest innovations, solutions and businesses related to the agrobased industries. The best fertilisers, pestisides, seeds and soils are all part of good healthy crops especially if you are farm producers. Yes thanks to Diana again for sending those prettily wrapped seeds with her Seasons Greeting card!

Bangchik, MAHA is indeed time, money and tired feet! The site was soo huge and with people jam that day, we didnt visit it entirely and didnt buy much because my car was parked far from the site and had to take their feeder bus. But I did manage to buy and carry quite a load that day around the site, fertiliser, pestiside, seeds, fresh fruits and belimbing buluh seedling..You are right, after seeing the exhibition, you want to rush back home and cant wait to plant your newly bought seeds!

Autumn Belle said...

Wow, I shudder to think of the crowds of people, the noise and the jam. But the products are worth the effort. Happy gardening from now on!

p3chandan said...

Yes Autumn Belle, the crowds and the jam, made the fun outing very tiring indeed!

Stephanie said...

That's a lot of seeds p3chandan. Happy sowing them yeah. I think you are going to have a big kitchen garden soon :-D

p3chandan said...

Thanks Steph...looking forward to that!

Malar said...

MAHA is worth the tiring feet! You have so many seeds to grow! Hope to see your vegetables growing soon!
The tomatoes look so juicy! I wish to have it in my garden!

p3chandan said...

Malar, yes it was worth it but you cant cover the whole site in one day, you need at least another day. Hopefully will have lots of veggies in my garden next year. My tomatoes are coming out one by one and soon will have tomatoes to harvest!

Sunray said...

Sounds like a great day.

Goldenray Yorkies